Doubtful Sound and Dusky Sound

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Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound is Fiordlands’ second largest fiord, and is second after Milford as New Zealand’s most popular
tourism destination. It is 3 times longer and 10 times larger than Milford, although it can be hard to tell from
ground level as the fiord has several arms meandering off into the surrounding mountains. Lake Browne above Doubtful is the source of the Browne Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in the country flowing 836m down into
the fiord. The Sound also contains the only Spanish named areas in New Zealand from a Spanish scientific
expedition who charted the entrance and lower parts of the Sound in 1793, naming such features as Febrero
Point and Pendulo Reach.

We offer two options for Doubtful Sound, a short flight of 35 minutes and a long flight of 50 minutes.

Doubtful Sound scenic flights are ideally suited for those who want to see as much as possible for the least amount of money.

For photographers wanting special photo flights over Doubtful or Dusky, see the photgraphy page.

Malaspina Reach and Bauza Island
Lake Browne
Bradshaw Sound

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Dusky Sound

Dusky Sound, Tamatea is Fiordlands’ largest fiord, named in english by Capt Cook as he arrived at Dusk.

Tamatea is the name bestowed on Dusky in recognition of the great Maori Explorer Tamatea who captained Takitimu. A large ocean going Waka that bought the Maori to New Zealand around 1350Ad. This Waka was destryed in a storm 100km south east of Dusky Sound.

Cook explored Dusky on both visits to NZ, first in the Endeavour and later in the Resolution where, at astronomers
point in Pickersgill Harbour, Cook would determine the exact latitude and longitude, from which he concluded his very accurate for the time, map of NZ.

Dusky is a pilots favourite due to the labyrinth of valleys and waterways, it has 356 islands, 17 arms and over 300km of coastline.

Doubtful Sound is included in this flight.

If the weather is good this is the one to do. We have a fairly high cancellation rate for Dusky Sound flights. We recommend making contact first to enquire about weather or have a few days either side of when you book. 

Anchor Island, Luncheon Cove, Dusky Sound
Vancouver Arm Breaksea Sound
Dusky Sound, looking west