If you have found yourself in Milford Sound on a coach and you would rather walk back than bus home, here is an alternative.

Fly back. Flights take around 35 minutes direct, ($400) or 55 minutes via Doubtful Sound ($460).

Either ask you driver to book the flight, or book direct with us if you do, enter “10% off” into the coupon box at checkout and get 10% off, (direct bookings only).

Flights must be confirmed by us before telling the bus driver you are flying back. Call on 0800 359 346 if you have a question.

We only fly if the conditions are reasonably smooth and the scenery is clear. We do not fly if it is turbulent or if there is too much cloud/rain obscuring the scenery.

Price included bus from airport back to Te Anau.

We require a minimum of 2 adult fares and can carry a maximum of 5 passengers. 

This flight also works with passengers taking the bus back to Queenstown but its better to get your driver to organise.

If you want to book a flight departing today please call 0800 359 346 or 03249 4352

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