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Milford Sound Scenic Flight Options

Milford Sound is the most renowned of all the Fiords, for it is simply the most spectacular.

Named after Milford Haven in Wales.

The Maori called it PioPiotahi, meaning "Refuge of the last Thrush".

The Sound is 15km long and surrounded by near vertical mountains rising a massive
1600m/5500ft out of the sea. The views are breathtaking and many waterfalls cascade down the slopes,
making it no surprise that Milford Sound was judged the World’s Number 1 Travel Destination in the 2008 Travelers’ Choice Destinations Awards by TripAdvisor.

The Milford Sound cruise is highly regarded way to view the sound. We recommend the early morning or late afternoon cruises to capture the best scenery without flat light affecting photogenic potential not to mention avoiding the midday crowd.

$390/ person

$400/ person

$750/ Plane, (1-5 Passengers.)

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