Our Scenic Flights

Our Scenic Flights

Our scenic flight options include a variety of scenic
locations at multiple price points so you can be sure
there’s a flight that fits your needs.

All scenic flights are charter flights, that means one booking per flight, no mixed bubbles. On board the flight will only be your self and members of your party, plus the pilot. It also means smaller planes and personal one on one commentary with the pilot. Direct bookings get 10% off, just enter "10% off" at checkout in coupon box.

These flights are available on demand subject to availability.

Minimum of 2 adult fares apply.

Family discounts may apply, please contact us directly with details.

$360/ person

$540/ person

$240/ person

$330/ person

$430/ person

$549/ person

$730/ person

$750/ group 1-5