Price List effective from August 1st 2021

Price List effective from August 1st 2021

For Hollyford Track, please click.

Book directly with us and save paying 13% commision to an agent. Pay by eftpos or cash and save a further 2%

Minimum of 2 passengers applies but call us as we usually have something going for singles.

Children half price, infants free if they sit on a lap, if in a car seat they will be half price of adult fare.
If there is less than 3 in your group, you will be flown with times to be confirmed.
Groups of 3 or more can fly on demand.

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Te Anau Flights (ex. Manapouri Airport)

  Duration Price
Milford One Way Flight in, (standby only, not available for pre book). 30min $125 per person
Milford Overhead 60min $335 per person
Milford Landing 70min $395 per person
Milford Fly-Cruise-Coach, Standby availability only. 6 hours $375 per person
Milford & Doubtful Overhead 80min $400 per person
Milford, Doubtful, & Dusky Overhead 120min $555 per person
Deep cove Overhead (Doubtful short) 30min $250 per person
Doubtful Overhead (long) 50min $325 per person
Dusky and Doubtful Overfly 70min $385 per person
Milford, Mt Aspiring Overhead 120min $555 per person
Milford to Glenorchy (one way, minimum of 2) includes taxi to Queenstown 25min $355 per person

Milford Sound Flights (ex. Milford)

 Minimum of 3 passengers. Duration Price
Milford Fly back to Manapouri (off day coach) 40min $375 per person
Milford Fly back to Manapouri via Doubtful Sound (off day coach) 55min $435 per person
Milford Local Sutherland Falls and the Glaciers, (not always available) 35min $250pp

Hollyford Track remote area.

Sorry no discount applies to these Hollyford prices as they are already as cheap as we can make them.

  Duration Price
Milford to Martins Bay Return, (drop off and pick up) 15min $1370/Plane(5 seats or 485kg)
Milford to Big Bay Return, (drop off and pick up) 20min $1430/plane
Martins Bay to/from Te Anau one way 30min $1200 plane (455kg/5 seats)
Martins Bay to Hollyford Strip (Gunns Camp) Currently unavailable due flood damage. 20min

$775/plane (Max 270kg)

Call for larger groups

Charter Flights (ex. Manapouri Airport)

Minimum of 1.5 hours, landing fees are not included. For photography with open windows the flights can be shorter but it is limited to 2 passengers.

Foreign Pilot/ Licensed Pilot $Sorry unavailable at present.
Charter up to 3 seats $600/hr
Charter up to 5 seats $1100/hr

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Aerial Photography and Survey

Our Cessna 172 is fitted with a certified camera hatch in the rear cockpit.

It is also fitted with full opening windows on both sides of the aircraft.

The dimensions are 300mm x 250mm. The weight limitation for this area is 160kg. The total payload for the aircraft excluding pilot is 230kg with 3 hours of fuel. Total duration with full tanks is 4.5 hours.

This Cessna 172 is also certificated in dual catergory, both standard and restricted in order to carry photography or survey equipment mounted to the starboard wing strut.

Thi price for aerial survey and photography is $600/hr, the aircraft is available nationwide.