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  • We require a NZ $20 booking fee for all bookings. The balance will be paid on the day if the flight goes ahead. If the flight is cancelled by Fly Fiordland you will recieve the full $20 refunded. We do not refund the $20 if the Customer cancels unless it is due to lockdowns.

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    Westpac, Fly Fiordland Ltd, 03-1749-0412538-000

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We are currently only taking bookings through to March 31st 2023. This is due to the Labour Government pushing to close Milford Airport to make room for a bus park. Further information can be found here, https://www.milfordopportunities.nz/. Any decision to continue taking bookings will be made in February 2023. If the date you want is not available to book online or you want to make a custom booking, are a large group, have children or having problems with booking app?
Please contact us on the link below.
If you want to book a flight departing today please call 0800 359 346 or 03249 4352.

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Bespoke private personal scenic tours in high wing Cessna aircraft.